Apple users: listen to this

Having seen the pres of Phil yesterday (including Phil's reality distortion field regarding OS adoption):
-They canned the consumer line of laptops by adding FW and the SDslot and calling the new 13' correctly Pro (my PB 12' will now finally rest in peace).
-Steve is on his way back.
-Rumors go for a special event,
here is my take:
-Sometime max a month from now we'll see a special event.
-SJ taking his welcome back stage.
-Introducing the new MacBook.
-10' to 13'
-No frills but a fully fledged computer (that is an Intel Atom of some kind, some ram and a HD).
-With UMTS or HSPA.
-Price point 500 to 1000€ (you us folks do your math, considering the "official Apple exchange rate of 1$ ex tax= 1€ tax inclusive)

Oh, and one more thing:
There will be a tablet.

OK, I'll go for another drink now.

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